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Our hair salon pricing structure reflects the education level of our stylists, which is determined by training and practical experience. Hair length will be determined at the hair salon consultation. A master stylist will be assigned to look after our clients unless specified or requested

To maintain your look at home, Beyond The Fringe Hair Salon have a wide range of Schwarzkopf. hair care products. Whether you are looking for shampoo, styling products, texture or finishing products. We can offer you a product that will transform your hair, and give it beautiful shine and condition.

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Hair Salon Pricelist

Cut & Blow Dry Colour prices vary subject to consultation
Hair cut blow wave or set $69 Colour
Hair cut & casual dry off $59
Straight line cutting (up to the shoulder blades) NO layering, shaping, thinning, shampoo or dry  


For colour only services, Please note there is an additional cost for blow wave or cut
Men $39 Demi Or Tint
Clipper all over $20 Short $89
Medium $119
Blow Dry Styling Long From $149
Short $39 Re-growth (up to 2cm) $69
Long $49
Waves Per foil $15
Short $169 Parting/1/4 Head (10 foils) $89
Medium $179 1/2                    (20 foils) $99
Long/Spiral 299 3/4                    (30 foils) $129
Full                    (40 fois) $149
Straightening Add – Medium extra $30 – Long extra $60
Glatt From $189 Between foil colour from from $50
Straight Therapy From $400
Keratin  from $149 Extreme Lighten & Tone  POA
Hair  Up on clean dry  hair
15 minutes $25 Treatments from $20
30 minutes $49
45 minutes $74
 60 minutes  $99
Thes prices do not include shampoo, dry, straighten or curl

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Hair Salon Services & Pricelist